Ed Miliband promises that Labour will save the Independent Living Fund.

This is good news after the government’s continued efforts to close the fund down, even when the courts had ruled their efforts to do so contravened the equalities act. The closure of the Fund, and the devastating effect this would have on the disabled, was not permissible even under austerity. So naturally, the Tories went ahead anyway, and claimed that the DWP had found that its closure was indeed entirely consistent with current equalities legislation. More mendacity from the Tories, as if that surprises anyone.
This is great news, as apart from the commitment to provide equal opportunities for the disabled, it shows that Labour are not going to slavishly follow the lead of the Tories. there are any number of very good reasons to vote for them in the forthcoming elections. This is one of them.

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At a Q&A with this morning, he gave a solid and passionate commitment that *will* . We’re with you.

Ed Miliband Promises Labour Will #SaveILF

Labour have fought very hard to save the Independent Living Fund, which the Coalition have insisted on withdrawing, despite this being in contravention of our own laws and internationally established Human Rights. This commitment from Ed Miliband is in line with Labour’s  Equality Act, 2010.

I am very pleased to see this firm commitment.

In May 2014 the Court of Appeal, in the case of StuartBracking and others v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions found that the Department of Work and Pensions’ decision to close the Fund was not lawful, overturning the previous High Court decision of April 2013. It decided that the Department had not complied…

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