Daily Telegraph: Leon Brittan was a “federast” who “groomed youngsters”

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK press!)

Most of the UK mainstream press seems more than a little reluctant to report that the police were investigating former Tory Home Secretary Leon Brittan for rape and child abuse at the time of his death.

Which is why this paragraph in an article on Brittan in the Telegraph today stands out:

He succeeded Arthur Cockfield, who had gone native in Brussels. That did not happen to Leon; he was native already. Throughout his political career, he was a “federast”, and groomed youngsters in the same appalling creed; Nick Clegg is the most notorious example. But he did help to advance free trade.

Perhaps the Telegraph is trying to tell us something?


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2 Responses to “Daily Telegraph: Leon Brittan was a “federast” who “groomed youngsters””

  1. concernedkev Says:

    I have just posted on Tom’s site and had my post captured and deleted again. It was about Brittan’s links to the North Yorkshire ring involving Saville et al. North Yorkshire Enquirer is a good site for more info.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Concernedkev. I’m sorry you had your post deleted over at Tom’s site. I don’t know why that should be. I’ve heard rumours about Brittan having some kind of link to Yorkshire, after he turned up at a very local event at the request of Cyril Smith. Somebody posted this on one of the sites, and pointed out that it was all very, very peculiar, considering how small scale the event was.

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