Vox Political: Have Politicians Exaggerated the Danger of Islamic Terrorism?

On Monday, Mike over at Vox Political posted the following article, Terrorism, Islam, and the need to keep the Western world in fear, suggesting that Western leaders have exaggerated the threat of Islamic terrorism for their own purposes, to keep us in line. Mike’s article begins

Does anybody else think the reaction to the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo – along with that against ISIS (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days), Al-Qaeda and, for that matter, Russia – has been, at the very least, off-colour?

Terrorists attack the staff of a magazine, claiming to be doing so in the name of Islam (we have no proof that this was their purpose and may never have it), so there’s a huge backlash against Muslims and the same magazine’s next issue – with a cover featuring a poor (yet still offensive) attempt at caricaturing Muhammad himself – sells five million copies; its normal circulation is 60,000.

Here in the UK, David Cameron does his best to use the attack as an excuse for even greater government intrusion into citizens’ privacy, on top of the incursions already enacted by his government.

Is it really about keeping us safe, or is it about keeping us down?

Way back in 2004 Adam Curtis addressed this problem in his documentary series, The Power of Nightmares, which examined the rise of the Neo-Cons and their crusade against the Soviet Union and then al-Qaeda. Curtis showed that they had deliberately exaggerated the scale of the threat, in order to create a sense of social solidarity and purpose in the West. Curtis’ central argument was that, whereas once politicians had power and prestige through offering their peoples the chance of a better life, this had no been lost. They were now intent on regaining it by promising to protect us from threats that only they understood.

In short, it’s about keeping us down, and making us more Conservative through fear of the terrible Other.

Mike’s article is at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/01/19/terrorism-islam-and-the-need-to-keep-the-western-world-in-fear/. Go and read it.

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2 Responses to “Vox Political: Have Politicians Exaggerated the Danger of Islamic Terrorism?”

  1. sdbast Says:

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  2. Florence Says:

    In the 1980’s,as the iconic date of 1984 approached, those of us who had lived through the Maggie years said the Orwell was a warning against what we already saw as the threat from within – our own establishment. In 2004, I remember the Curtis series and nodded sagely agreeing that Blair and his war-mongering alliance with the religious right in the USA was taking us further down that road. Now we have the full blown spectre of a world war being planned in London this week, remarkable only in that this is the first time they have said openly this is their purpose.

    They obviously think we’ve been conditioned and cowed enough to be softened up for what we’re going to be paying for next. Is it any wonder that Chilcot has been delayed?

    The million that marched against the Iraq War have not gone away. Ed Miliband voted against the Iraq War, so it is no surprise that the neo-cons in the establishment are pulling out all the stops to prevent his election. If the weak & vain Tories are re-elected, it will catastrophic for the UK, and for the wider world. The USA may be an unstoppable war machine, but we don’t have to be their fig-leaf of “international support”.

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