13% of UKIP voters less likely to vote for a party with a Jewish leader

This is quite astonishing, considering that Britain has already had one Jewish prime minister, at least by heritage, in Benjamin Disraeli. Back in the 1990s the Tory party was led by Michael Howard, who was also Jewish. For a very long time the oldest MP in the House of Commons was the venerable Manny Shinwell. In the context of the extreme racism and highly reactionary nature of UKIP as a whole, this is extremely worrying. It’s too much like the cry of the French rightists just before the Second World War, when they campaigned against the Socialist ministry of Leon Blum, who was also Jewish. Their slogan was ‘Better Hitler than Blum!’

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

As many as 18% of UKIP supporters think “Jews have too much influence” in Britain.

And 13% of UKIP voters are less likely to vote for a party such as Labour – simply because it has a Jewish leader.

These interesting statistics come from research by Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, who is writing a book on the recent history of the Labour Party.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little surprised this kind of prejudice still exists in Britain today.

Although, on the other hand, nothing should surprise me about UKIP when it comes to prejudice.

You can read more details on Professor Bale’s research here:

British voters open to a Jewish prime minister — but some are more welcoming than others


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