No Mr Farage – 80% of Brits do NOT want Britain out of the EU

Conducting polls properly is quite a complex art, and polling organisations have to be very careful about possible bias within the questions, and making sure the sample questioned is really representative of the general population as a whole. I was also taught on a sociology course I once attended two decades ago that postal polls have a maximum response rate of about !5%. And this is the maximum, usually the response rate is actually something like 5%. It’s why I’m always sceptical about dubious statistics claiming that according to surveys, the British people, or some section thereof, do x. It merely means that a certain percentage of the small percentage, who actually answered a questionnaire, rather than throwing it in the bin, say they do X. These niceties obviously don’t matter to either Farage or the Express, who long ago abandoned any pretence of scientific accuracy, and started spewing such biased, dodgy stats as supported their own, highly right-wing agenda.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Nigel Farage!)

Nigel Farage reckons 80% of the British public want to leave the EU:

Farage - leave EU


Nigel got his dubious figure from the Daily Express:

express leave EU


The Daily Express in turn got their dubious figure from two Eurosceptic Tory MPs who came up with their own dubious figure after putting leaflets through doors in their constituencies in a small part of Northamptonshire.

Needless to say, the statistics are credible only to idiots (take a bow Mr Farage).

Genuine statistics currently show around 40% of UK respondents think Britain should leave the EU.

Is it too much to ask for a few more facts and lot less b*ll*cks from our politicians and the press when it comes to discussions about important things such as immigration and EU membership?


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