Benefit Sanctions Will Cause A Deterioration In Health And That’s OK Says DWP Rule Book

This is truly shocking, as it reveals that the DWP expect those sanctioned to become ill through starvation and the inability to pay for essentials, such as heating and so on. Indeed, the sanctions regime depends on it to cow the unemployed into line. This is heading very much into the dark territory of totalitarian regimes such as Stalin’s Russia. Stalin used artificial famines in the 1930s against the Soviet people as part of his collectivisation programme. The aim was to break and destroy the kulaks, the rich peasants. There was an irony here in that the wealthy peasants Stalin attacked in many cases weren’t sharply differentiated from the rest of the Soviet peasant population. Moreover, they were traditionally solidly socialist in their political opinions.
In Ukraine, one of the great agricultural regions of the Russian Empire, 8 million people died in what its people remember as the ‘Holodomor’, a genocide carried out by the Soviet state against this country’s people. Overall, about 30 million Russians and other nationalities perished in the famines of the thirties.
This document shows that the DWP is now using starvation as a deliberate tool against its own citizens. The jobcentres also have targets regarding the numbers to be sanctioned or thrown off benefits, which means that as far as they are concerned, this starvation and poverty is a permanent condition. This makes the sanctions regime a crime against humanity. I’ve lost count of the number of people, who died of poverty and starvation after being sanctioned, or judged ‘fit for work’ by Atos. It was about 45, though so many more people have been added to this list of victims that I really haven’t been able to keep up. As starvation is an integral part of the sanctions system, this means that Iain Duncan Smith cannot claim that there deaths were accidental. They were the logical end product of a brutal system, and Smith is responsible, if not for their murder, then at least for their culpable homicide.

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dmg-sanctionsPhysical punishment is now built into the benefit system with sanctions both known and intended to cause a deterioration in health says the DWP rule book..

The shocking fact was revealed by Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group who was giving evidence to Work and Pensions Committee’s sanction enquiry this morning.  Graham ended her evidence by pointing out a chilling extract from the DWP Decision Maker’s guidelines referring to whether a claimant who has had their benefit stopped should be entitled to a meagre Hardship Payment for the first two weeks of their sanction.

According to the rules, it would be “usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health” if they are left with no money to buy food or pay for essential items for two weeks.  A Hardship Payment can therefore only be awarded for this period if Jobcentre staff…

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