How wealthy landowners are destroying Britain’s wild birds – and getting away with it

This is a continuing scandal, and has been for a very, very long time. I remember that in the 1990s there was a series of stories about the poisoning of birds of prey on Lord McAlpin’s estate in Scotland. This went on, though nobody was ever charged for it. It was also probably coincidental that McAlpin was a prominent member of the Tories and Tory donor.

And the royals have also been involved. A hen harrier was found shot at the same time either Harry or Wills was out shooting with his friends on one of the royal estates. By the time the rozzers arrived, however, the evidence had vanished so no prosecution was possible.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Britain’s wealthy landowners are secretly waging war on Britain’s rarest wild birds in order to make it easier to develop land or use it for so-called ‘sports’ such as grouse shooting.

And even when they break the law they’re getting away with it.

Every year, hundreds of beautiful wild birds are killed or their eggs and nests destroyed – the majority by gamekeepers wanting to illegally rid grouse moors of potential predators on shooting estates.

And just last year, the coalition government secretly allowed landowners to destroy eggs and nests from previously protected wild birds such as robins and starlings in order to make it easier for them to develop land.

In theory, it’s not just the gamekeeper or developer who is liable to be prosecuted if it is proven birds, eggs or nests of protected species are destroyed. The landowner is liable too.

Which is probably…

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