More Sanctions On The Way For Claimants With A Mental Health Condition In Scotland

This isn’t about curing people, or making them. It’s about getting them into unpaid work as quickly as possible to cut down on the welfare bill and allow employers to profit from them. It’s also another policy that the Tories nicked from the Nazis. One of the commenters on this post has simply identified themselves as Arbeit Macht Frei. This is actually entirely accurate on this point. The Nazis similarly sent neurotics to the concentration camps, who were only released when they showed that they had been cured. Of course, for many the cure was only temporary and they relapsed once they were released from the camps. As for the commandants, who enjoyed the power they had over the neurotics, historians of Nazi Germany have said that they enjoyed the god-like power it gave them over the lives of their inmates. The same could be said of the morons, who formulated this ignorant and exploitative policy.

the void

work-makes-meThe DWP are currently tendering for a pilot scheme in Scotland which will see claimants on both unemployment and sickness benefits forced to attend training and possibly even workfare under the threat of benefits being stopped.

Around 450 claimants in the West of Scotland Jobcentre Plus District are expected to be forced onto the scheme if Jobcentre staff decide they have “low self esteem; and/or limited capability to manage stressful or challenging situations.”

Unlike the Work Programme, this scheme will not be aimed at people who have been on benefits for a long time.  Instead the tender documents state that those referred are likely to be people whose period of unemployment is less than 26 weeks, suggesting people could be sent from the first day of their claim.

The DWP say they expect 20% of participants to enter an “educational training course” including work experience or sector based work academies…

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