Slapstick comedy character Nigel Farage to stand against pub landlord in election

As Al Murray’s character, the Pub Landlord, prepares to enter the electoral arena against Farage, this blog proves conclusively that it’s Farage whose the parody politician. Unless, of course, the unthinkable is true: Farage once saw Murray performing, and didn’t realise it was a joke. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. Think of all the morons who thought Alf Garnet had a point.
Which just makes me wonder who’s really the head of the Conservative party?

Pride's Purge


Stand-up slapstick character Nigel Farage has confirmed he will stand in his guise as a leader of a comedy political party against pub landlord Al Murray at the general election.

Mr Farage – whose hilarious character is based around a love for blazers and a belief that British weather is gay – entertains in pubs around the south of England as a parody of a politician who is the leader of a ridiculous party known as the ‘UKIP’.

Mr Farage – when confirming his decision to stand for election in Thanet South, in Kent – said:

It seems to me that the UK is ready for a bloke waving a pint around, offering common sense solutions and blaming everything on foreigners and homosexuals.

The move comes just weeks after pub landlord Mr Murray controversially blamed the Paris shootings on the French and complained that few terrorists in France seem to have even a basic command of the English…

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