US Healthcare Firm Takes Over From GPs To Treat Workers On Sick Leave: NHS Privatisation Is Already Happening

Another important piece by the good Mr Void on the stealth privatisation of the NHS. This describes in detail the government’s ‘Fit for Work’ scheme, in which workers, who are, or who are believed will be, sick for more than four weeks, will be referred instead to a private healthcare firm run by Maximus. The ‘Fit for Work’ scheme itself, and the referral process are also run by Maximus. So, as Private Eye would say, no conflict of interest there. Mr Void also points out that the staff referring and drawing up plans to get employees back to work will not be doctors, and will use some kind of biopsychosocial test. This looks like more of the NLP-style self-help quackery that the DWP seems to think can help people unblock their own psychological inability to get a job. It’s rubbish, voodoo science of the type usually skewered by people like Ben Goldacre. Unfortunately, it’s lucrative rubbish, and the government is determined to foist it on us.

the void

NHS-privatisationAs the NHS descends into chaos, a US healthcare insurance firm is quietly being installed to take over key front line services from GPs including providing certification to bosses for staff absences due to sicknesss.   In addition employers are to be given tax breaks to fund medical treatment for staff when it has been recommended by these private sector healthcare professionals.

The new ‘Fit for Work’ service is to be run by Maximus in England and Wales, the same company brought in to replace Atos to carry out the despised assessments for out of work sickness and disability benefits.  In a major embarrassment for DWP Ministers, Fit To Work was expected to launch late last year but so far all Maximus have managed is a website and a phoneline.

When the service is finally implemented employers will be able to refer staff to Fit for Work if they have…

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