Biased BBC reporter defends rail companies on price hikes

As the good Mr Pride himself points out, this claim by the Beeb’s Richard Westcott is very definitely untrue. The private rail companies are receiving far more in subsidies than they were when the rail network was nationalised as British Rail, and the service is poorer too. I can remember talking to former British rail maintenance engineers, who were angry at the buck passing and denial of responsibility by the various rail companies after several major train accidents.

It’s worth reading R. Wood’s comment for the perspective he brings on this story as a former news editor for the Corporation in Leicester. In his experience, most of the journalism graduates really aren’t interested in journalism. They’re really interested in jobs in management. They are also frequently privately educated, and go on to PR jobs with lobbying or marketing companies.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

I thought BBC corspondents were supposed to report facts and news, not defend government policy or privatised services from criticism by the public.

If that’s the case, then why was the BBC’s transport correspondent – Richard Westcott – today defending the much criticised price hikes by railway companies:

westcott rail fares

What Richard said was personal opinion and politically partisan comment – not news.

But it isn’t even true.

The British taxpayer now pays more in subsidies to the private rail companies – despite massive fare price hikes for passengers – than it did when the railways were state owned and passenger fares much cheaper.


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