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UKIP supporter and fat city cat Jon Moulton sacks 2,727 of his staff on Xmas Day

December 26, 2014

It’s clear from this that Scrooge is alive and well and giving money to UKIP and the Tories. Truly, these are the parties that read Dickens, but didn’t understand him or like his message, except when cosily packaged on biscuit tins as part of the heritage industry.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

City Financier and prominent UKIP supporter Jon Moulton sacked 2,727 of his staff on Christmas Day after deciding to put City Link into administration.

Moulton didn’t even bother to tell his employees – most of them found out via the press that they will be receiving no more pay after the 31st of December.

But no-one should be surprised by Moulton’s Scrooge-like, heartless behaviour.

Moulton is a former Conservative Party donor, who decided to transfer his allegiance to UKIP after criticising Tory chancellor George Osborne for not cutting hard enough and for being too soft on austerity.

And you can expect much more of this kind of fat city cat behaviour across the country should UKIP ever manage to get its hands on the reins of power (God help us).


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Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year

December 25, 2014

This is just to wish all the readers and commenters on my blog a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.

Very best wishes to you all, and hope you have a peaceful snooze through all the Christmas repeats.

Step away from social media UKIP

December 24, 2014

More proof that despite what Farage claims to the contrary, there are indeed some truly terrifying racists in UKIP. As for the Holy Family, as First Century Jews they would have been olive complexioned Mediterraneans very like the current peoples of the Middle East, and so rather different from paler-skinned northern Europeans.

Who should Surrey patients blame for dawn queues to see a GP? How about this guy?

December 24, 2014

It struck me at the time that the real people to blame for the queues outside the Surrey doctors were Tory party, rather than that old Tory failsafe, Left-wing NHS bureaucracy. Private Eye has documented several cases in which private firms have taken over doctors’ surgeries in London, and promptly closed them, contrary to all the Thatcherite drivel about capitalism and private investment expanding choice and improving services. As for Kwasi Kwarteng and Britannia Unchained, the central tenet of the book was that Britain should effectively be reduced to a third-world style country for its workers, in order to compete with the rising third-world nations the parents of Kwasi Kwarteng and Priti Patel emigrated from. This just shows you that there is indeed a global ruling class, which regards the poor, whether they’re in London, Delhi, Nairobi, Buenos Aires or wherever as serfs and peons to be exploited. Workingmen and women of all countries, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. Especially from these so-and-sos.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

The Daily Mail obviously didn’t manage to put two and two together when it tried desperately to find someone to blame for patients of the Sunbury Health Centre in Surrey having to queue from dawn for hours in the rain just to see their GP.

Well, how about this guy:


He’s the local MP for the area, Kwasi Kwarteng, Tory MP for the Spelthorne constituency in which the Sunbury Health Centre is situated and a rising star of the Tory Party.

Kwasi co-authored a book called ‘Britannia Unchained‘, which became the bible for the coalition government’s regime of austerity measures and cuts to frontline services such as the NHS:

Britannia Unchained

In fact, Kwasi himself has openly stated that NHS and healthcare services should not be ring-fenced from the coalition’s cuts:

Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng: we shouldn’t rule out NHS cuts

All I can say is, I hope Kwasi’s constituents reflect very…

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BBC presenter Andrew Neil censors Green Party from BBC reports

December 24, 2014

Neil is certainly no stranger to spin. Lobster claimed a fair few years ago that when he was the editor of the Sunday Times, he was the conduit for propaganda and misinformation, directed, amongst other targets, at the Labour party from the funny people at MI 5.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

The BBC’s Andrew Neil is a Tory supporter.

His first job was as a political adviser in Edward Heath’s Conservative Government.

And perhaps it’s because he’s so right-wing that he’s openly censoring the Green Party from his BBC reports.

Here’s Neil’s graphic from a couple of days ago showing the state of the major parties in the latest opinion polls:

BBC exclude greens

The only problem is that in that particular opinion poll, the Green Party were in 4th place on 8%.

Neil, however, decided to just exclude them from the graphic:

BBC apologises to Greens over dodgy poll reporting

Mind you, to be fair, Andrew Neil obviously isn’t all that good when it comes to statistics.

After all, he once thought people couldn’t get AIDS from heterosexual sex


Thanks also to the excellent Media Lens for pointing this out.


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Greens: the myth of the “new left” debunked

December 24, 2014

Kittysjones here attacks the idea that the Greens are a left-wing party, showing the strong basis of much of Nazi ideology in environmentalism. She also shows how the Greens, when in power in Brighton and Hove council, worked with the parties of the Right to introduce policies that made conditions worse for the poor and the working class.

This is controversial stuff, but it needs to be said. I’ve heard it from others. A friend of mine also has the same views, and genuine Fascists have tried to infiltrate the Green movement. Back in the 1990s the anarchist publisher, AK Press, published a pamphlet by two German comrades detailing the way Neo-Nazi organisations were attempting to enter and take over the environmental movement. The American Anarchist thinker, Murray Bookchin, for example, walked out of a German environmentalist conference when Rolf Bahro, a former East German dissident, announced that ‘ We need a Green Adolf’. When Rudolf Hess died in the same decade, his funeral was disrupted by Neo-Nazi biker gangs, who took the occasion to declare their manifesto, which included concern for the environment. Nazism was based partly on the ‘blut und boden’ views of early German scientists, such as Goethe, who believed that the natural environment also affected the biological character of the humans who lived there. Hence the Nazis launched vast projects to return parts of Germany and conquered nations like Poland to primeval wilderness, in order to recreate the environment that they believed had spawned the primeval Germanic tribes that they idealised. In his Table Talk, Hitler discusses the necessity of finding a replacement for oil and for establishing wind and tidal power.

This does not mean, of course, that there is anything intrinsically Fascistic about a desire to preserve the natural environment in and of itself. Many of the early 19th century socialists were keen to preserve the beauty of wilderness and country areas for the working people, who actually lived there, rather than the aristocracy who owned it. The National Trust was originally set up with precisely this in mind, but its aims were subverted as it was taken over by members of the upper classes, until it reflected their concerns of preserving their heritage, such as stately homes and country houses. Indeed, leading members of the National Trust were deeply concerned to keep the hoi polloi out of areas of unspoilt natural beauty.

In Germany, the Green movement has a dual nature. In most of Germany it’s actually very left-wing. One of its leaders was the lawyer for the Badder-Meinhof gang, the 1970s Communist terrorists. In Bavaria, however, the movement is more Right-wing.

Where I differ from the article is on the subject of Dave Cameron. I don’t honestly think he has any Green credentials at all. Yes, he made a show of announcing his support for environmentalism when campaigning, and declared that his would be the ‘Greenest’ government of all. That soon went after he took office, along with the windmill on his roof. It was all a piece of radical rhetoric and propaganda, like the stuff about ring-fencing money for and not privatising the Health Service. He lied, and the policies were discarded as soon as they had served their purpose. The Tories have always been concerned to trash the environment, and nothing has changed that.

Politics and Insights

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The Green Party has philosophical roots that may be traced back to the thinking of the Reverend Thomas Malthus. He was a political economist who believed that the decline of living conditions in nineteenth century England was because of three elements: the overproduction of children; the inability of resources to keep up with the rising human population; and the irresponsibility of the lower classes. Malthus’s narrative in the nineteenth century fueled the rise of Social Darwinism; the eugenics movement and resulted in the extremely punitive Poor Law Reform Act of 1834, which included the introduction of workhouses for the poor.

The Green Party have the following listed amongst their aims regarding population:

In the short-term, to promote debate on sustainable population levels for the UK. In the long-term, to achieve consumption and population levels that are globally sustainable and respect carrying capacity – the term used to describe the population that…

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DWP Admin And Salaries Costs Nearly Twice The Dole: Sack The Managers And Save Us All A Fortune

December 23, 2014

the void

atos-black-triangleThe DWP spent almost twice as much on salaries, welfare-to-work schemes and administration last year than they did on unemployment benefit.

The department’s latest six monthly report shows that £7.7 billion was spent on administration costs in 2013/14 compared to £4.3 billion on Jobseeker’s Allowance, othwerwise known as the dole.  In the current year administration spending is expected to hit £8 billion, whilst spending on JSA is forecast to fall to £3.7 billion as hundreds of thousands of people are bullied off benefits with sanctions and workfare.

The DWP is a big department, and this colossal spend also includes administration of pensions, sickness, housing and disability benefit spending.  But with around 750 Jobcentres around the UK and 78,000 employees, (according to The Guardian in 2010) it seems likely the biggest bulk of this spending goes on paying the salaries of Jobcentre busybodies and their happy clappy over-paid managers. …

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BREAKING! Nigel Farage not real – parody created by sixth formers

December 23, 2014

If only this were true ..!

Pride's Purge


In a surprise announcement, a group of sixth formers in Canterbury have admitted UKIP leader Nigel Farage is not actually real and that they created him as part of a phone app’ parodying right-wing politicians.

The app’  – which features a character called ‘Nigel’ who resides in a BBC TV studio and likes to kick women who don’t clean behind the fridge off the White Cliffs of Dover – was developed by a group of five 18-year-olds at the Canterbury Academy who work under the name FonGames.

The school’s principal Phil Karnavas however, expressed surprise that some people could believe the blazer-wearing, authoritarian, neo-Thatcherite character ‘Nigel’ – who pretends he’s a libertarian despite not liking foreigners and homosexuals much – was real.

In a statement Mr Karnavas said:

Obviously ‘Nigel’ is a parody. I mean for heaven’s sake, he’s a public school, white, middle-class, city trader from Kent who pretends he is an anti-establishment outsider and thinks the UK can…

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Proof that Labour in Scotland will have to move to the left to win back SNP voters

December 23, 2014

This adds a bit more to the debate about which way the Labour party should go to win support in Scotland. The radical tradition of ‘Red Clydeside’ is alive and well north of the border, and it does resent the way the party’s policies are determined by the Islington clique down south, as shown in the recent change of leader. Some other, supporting evidence, for the view that the Scots Labour party will have to move further left to challenge the SNP comes from an interview the Scots SF authors China Mieville and the author of the ‘Culture’ novels gave to one of the SF magazines a few years ago. Neither of the two actually wanted an independent Scotland, but at least one of them had voted SNP as it was more left-wing than the Labour party.

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

There’s some pretty convincing statistical evidence in this study by Professor Phil Cowley at the British Election Study that Labour in Scotland will have to move quite a bit to the left if they want to win back SNP voters before next May’s general election.

Here’s Professor Phil Cowley’s key paragraph:

Labour voters in Scotland see themselves as left-wing and think they support a left-wing party and they see the SNP as noticeably to their right. SNP voters see the world differently: they see themselves as almost equally left-wing but they think they support a left-wing party, and see Labour as even further to their right.

According to the BES study, SNP voters rate themselves as 3.6 on the scale, their party as 3.8 and the Labour opposition as off to the right on 5.3:

SNP voters left-right scale

That would suggest that if Labour in Scotland want to win back SNP voters, they will need to…

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Sandra Gives The Game Away: Jobcentres Given Sheriff’s Stars For Hitting Benefit Sanction Targets

December 22, 2014

This is the proof of what many, including the good Mr Void himself, have been saying for a long time: that the DWP are setting quotas and awarding prizes, like Easter eggs, to Jobcentre staff for sanctioning people. One former DWP whistleblower stated that the targets were pinned to the office wall. All this was flatly denied by IDS and his subordinate liars in the department. Well, here’s the proof at long last, though I have no doubt that it will be denied, or disowned, blamed on a ‘rogue office’ or employee.

the void

sanction-sheriffSandra Lambert, manager of 149 Jobcentres and self-styled lifestyle guru, has spent much of the last few days frantically blocking people on twitter who have been taking the piss out of the cringemaking motivational advice she inflicts on the poor bastards who work for her.

She wasn’t fast enough however to hide the tweet in which she awarded a Texas style sherriff’s badge to Jobcentres in the midlands for upholding their DMA decision rate – as spotted by @refuted.  A DMA means a referral to a Jobcentre ‘decision maker’ to process a benefit sanction.  It is the second time this month a DWP manager has been exposed praising their staff for hitting benefit sanction targets – targets that Iain Duncan Smith’s department have repeatedly claimed do not exist.

It is not just that the DWP are lying which is so contempible, all government departments lie after all.  It…

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