Hope, whilst IDS Lies continue to Persecute the Poor

Despite Jaynel and her friend and collaborator, Debbie Sayers, feeling they have hit a wall with their campaign to get IDS and the DWP to release the figures of how many people have died after being signed off welfare benefits, their campaign continues to be significant. As long as there are people like Jaynel and Sayers pressing for this information, the government cannot claim that the British public are apathetic, or that there is somehow unanimous agreement that they are correct. Moreover, every lie, half-truth and evasion by Iain Duncan Smith and his minions reveals just how duplicitous and profoundly treacherous the government is. The pressure on the government and it’ consequent embarrassment continues.


In this my last post before the festivities kick in I want to take a look at a quick overview of the Truth Campaign and our reasons for pursuing it.

It all began on April 14 2013, when Debbie Sayers and I wrote an open letter, to Esther McVey regarding her persistent misuse of facts and statistics, we sent this with over 800 signatures, including 4 MPs, a month later. On the back of this, we started our first petition (27/5/13) to the Work & Pensions Committee demanding they :Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics.

We eventually received a response from the DWP correspondence team to our letter, which failed to even acknowledge the questions we had asked, but she did reply to Michael Meacher  and Tim Loughton MPs, who had supported our letter with the same reply.

By June 12 our first petition had hit the magic 100,000 signatures…

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One Response to “Hope, whilst IDS Lies continue to Persecute the Poor”

  1. jaynel62 Says:

    Thanks Beast as always, Your words are a great encouragement xxx

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