Anger as teachers at Ribblesdale Infant School get £8bn in pay and bonuses

Another piece of excellent satire which skewers the Tories’ and their banker supporters’ hypocrisy by simply reversing the situation.

Pride's Purge


Anti-poverty campaigners are renewing their call for a new tax on the state education sector after the head of Ribblesdale Primary School in Clitheroe Lancashire caused outrage by announcing she had set aside almost £8bn in basic pay and a bonus pot for teachers in the school’s infant teaching division.

The Taxpayers Alliance – a charity which works to eradicate poverty in the struggling banking sector – said it was “outrageous” that at a time of austerity, infant school teachers in Clitheroe are to receive an average payout of $2,369,651 (£1,233,000) for 2014.

The group – which supports global cuts to disproportionate salaries and bonuses in the primary school state teaching sector – said the size of the payments was “a slap in the face of ordinary people such as MPs and bankers”.

A spokesperson for the campaign, the 2nd Baron of Ardwhallan, Sir Quentin Humphrey Frinton-Lane, said:

If infant schools can afford to pay billions in bonuses, they can clearly afford to have…

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