In the ‘I’ Today: Grant Shapps Tried to Shut Down Left-Wing Blog

Here’s another instance of the Tories attempting to silence Left-wing bloggers and online critics. Today’s I newspaper for the 18th December 2014 has a story on page 4 about Grant Shapps being accused of trying to shut down The Political Scrapbook. Shapps used his lawyers to try to bully the blog, sending it three letters threatening to sue because of two stories it published about the Tory chairman. The same firm of lawyers acting for Shapps also sent a letter threatening legal action on behalf of another, unnamed Tory MP, who was also the subject of a blog post. Despite the threats, neither Shapps nor his unnamed colleague have followed up with legal action.

This isn’t the first or only time politicians, of both the Left, Right and Centre, have tried to close down their critics through threats of legal action. There have been any number of cases of it over the years, mostly from local authorities. The worst offenders have been Doncaster and ERYC councils, to name just two. These have mostly ended up in Private Eye’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column.

The Tories have particular form for this. It hasn’t just been The Political Scrapbook. They have also attempted to censor Tom Pride over at Pride’s Purge. The tactics have included using the government’s legislation to save children from the threat of online porn to censor his site, because it contained ‘mature content’. Sadly for those expecting something like the kind of material published in Dirty Desmond’s more notorious papers, ‘mature content’ here meant dealing with the issues of adult politics, like poverty, hypocrisy, abuse, and corruption. They’ve also sent a couple of Daily Mail journalists to try and harass him and his friends.

Shapps is, of course, personally in no position to accuse anyone of illegality. He set up a company himself under the pseudonym ‘Mr Green’, which is fraud under the meaning of the act, yer honour.

It also shows the totalitarian mindset behind the Tory party. Despite trying to promote themselves as the party of individual freedom, they are doing all they can to suppress free comment and criticism. Not only are they trying to bully their online critics, they are also erasing from their website all the election promises they’ve broken in order to rewrite history. And the DWP under Major Chu-En Smith, MA (Failed), has consistently refused to release the details of the numbers of people who have died or taken their own lives after having been assessed fit for work by ATOS. Johnny Void has also published several pieces on his blog about the department’s refusal to publish the names of the firms involved in the workfare programme, out of fear that these firms would then become so unpopular that the policy couldn’t go ahead.

This is a totalitarian government that tries to shut down and close off criticism using every underhand method it can, led by people who are personally corrupt and amoral. Like Grant Shapps, who personifies much that is vile and despicable in his party.

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4 Responses to “In the ‘I’ Today: Grant Shapps Tried to Shut Down Left-Wing Blog”

  1. untynewear Says:

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  2. Shapps Tried to Shut Down Left-Wing Blog – Beastrabban’s Weblog | Vox Political Says:

    […] that, the Tories are almost exactly like the Kippers.  For the full article, visit Beastrabban’s Weblog – unless the Tories get to it […]

  3. stewilko Says:

    Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    The Conservative will stoop to any lengths to either stop their propaganda or stop others highlighting their evil ideology. Luckily we have blogs like these. Also, luckily we have the power of the Internet. That is before censorship.

  4. Chris Says:

    Both the Tories and Labour, the entire sitting MPs including the second hand Tories for UKIP, are calling a surplus the unpaid out state pension sitting pretty in the ring fenced and full National Insurance Fund, that cannot be spent on anything else, as the other two things the NI is for have received their share of the Fund since last year.

    In fact Labour forgot that the NI Fund is the source of the state pension, to which the poorest workers pay 12 per cent of their wage each year in compulsory contribrition, to gain eligibility to anys tate pension.

    And ignoring the fact that the poorest workers, because of benefit rule changes, have lost both NI contribution and credits from benefits and so will get NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE

    The flat rate pension snuck in after the rise of retirement age for women born from 1953 and men born from 1951, has brought about the spectre of the end of the state pension for the poorest men and women in the UK.

    The 1 Green MP has made no mention of the fact that of the
    £30 billion in the NI Fund, that belongs to pensioners denied state pension since 2013, and so beginning the 7 year lost payout to a couple.

    That money could have saved lives this winter, as no benefit and no state pension means NIL WINTER FUEL ALLOWANCE, just when the working poor (in which over half over 60s are employed) have stagnate and lessening worth year on year.

    Those disabled of all ages have or are due the threat of lost disability / chronic sick money, of all ages, however old.

    Meanwhile, all the MPs in the House of Commons will get, paid for entirely on the taxpayer, about the same money as the denied state pension money, as an 11 per cent pay rise in 2015.

    And women MPs of all parties in Westminster have kept the payout of works pension at 60, and male MPs at 65, lost to the population.

    The state pension is payable if remain in work or lose work, and would not have cost a thing, with the blatant lie of an ageing society, when the UK has had mass youth immigration for half a century, who, on average, have larger families and figures like half of all births now by foreign born mothers. Immigrants since the 1950s have now trained their children and grandchildren, who now run businesses and have university degrees.

    Is that enough lack of concern about any right or left politics, whilst all parties ignore the poor of all ages, from babes in arms to grannies.

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