Sister of ‘let-them-eat-porridge’ Tory peer got £49,500 in taxpayers’ money for rent

When reading this story, it’s hard not to be reminded of one of the jokes in Blackadder the Third. This was in the episode where 18th century England’s most nefarious and scheming butler decided he and Baldrick were going to pose as dashing Scarlet Pimpernel figures saving aristos from French revolutionaries. As part of their scheme, they meet an exiled French nobleman in Mrs Miggins’ pie shop. When Blackadder asks him if he’d like to make some money, the exiled aristo replies, ‘No, I want you to make some money, and then give it all to me’, just like it was back in France before the Revolution.

It’s the same kind of attitude here, folks! The Jenkins are aristos who clearly believe only they and their class should enjoy any kind of luxury, or even decent standard of living, and everyone else should subsidize them. It really is as if the French Revolution and the convulsions of the last couple of hundred years hadn’t happened.

As for food, one of the jokes in that episode of Blackadder was that Miggin’s shop was selling horse’s willies as sausage, one of which the nobleman was mistakenly eating. I strongly advise anyone who has similar concerns not to have luncheon with the Baroness for a bit after these comments.

Pride's Purge

Tory peer Baroness Jenkin recently told poor people to eat porridge instead of using food banks.

Jenkin’s husband is Tory MP Bernard Jenkin – who in 2009 was told to repay £63,250 of taxpayers’ money in wrongly claimed expenses.

As part of his expense claims, Jenkin claimed £49,500 in rent for a so-called second home which he was paying to his sister-in-law Mary.

In other words, Baroness Jenkin with her husband claimed expenses money from the taxpayer and then handed it over to her own sister to pocket.

The lucky sister by the way is the granddaughter of a Viscount and lives in a large castle in Scotland.

And the Baroness is a PR consultant apparently ………


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