Tory Censorship of Critical Videos on Youtube

Mike over at Vox Political has raised the vital question of whether the Coalition government is forcing Youtube to take down videos that criticise the government. He states

A video in remembrance of sick and disabled persons, who died because of Britain’s draconian welfare reforms, has been removed from YouTube, disability rights campaigner Samuel Miller tells us.

If you click on the link in that sentence over on Mike’s article, you get to the Youtube video, you get to the video on the number of disabled people, who have died in poverty and starvation after being assessed fit for work by ATOS.

Or you would, if the video hadn’t been pulled.

Instead, you get a blank screen and the statement that this video is unavailable in your country.

The commenters on Mike’s blog also report that it’s unavailable in Spain and Sweden as well. Now, there’s a possibility that it may have been pulled because it violates British libel laws, which are there to protect the guilty and punish the innocent. One of the other commenters, Gen. William Taggert, has pointed out against that, that

When they restricted this video to mainly the United States. Google placed it under the patronage of the United States. Thus the US Constitution, therefore you have a Right to know why your constitutional right to the Freedom of speech is being limited. Even if you are not a US citizen.

Now one of the other commenters on Mike’s blog has reported that his video was pulled because the copyright holders of the music used in his video objected. The videos producer removed that video, and is working on selecting more music for it. However, this does not appear to be the case in the above video.

So it’s distinctly possible that the government is reverting to the default Orwellian Tory tactics of censorship and media manipulation in order to remove material it finds embarrassing and dangerous.

Forget the budget deficit. This is a democratic deficit. And like the Tories welfare policies, it’s a killer.

Mike’s article is Is the Coalition Government forcing YouTube to take down critical videos? and it’s at
Go read it and see what you think.

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