The new chairman of the press complaints body is…. the editor of the Daily Mail!

The ladies and gentlemen of the press have always fought against regulation, declaring that statutory press regulation by the government is a threat to journalistic freedom. This is probably true. One the other hand, their argument that high ethical standards can be maintained through self-regulation has been proven palpably untrue. The selection of Paul Dacre as the chairman of the new regulatory body does absolutely nothing to inspire confidence that their will be a new determination to hold rigorously to the highest journalistic standards. Quite the opposite. It could be worse. The chairman could instead have been the editors of the Sun, Star, Express or Sport, though I suppose there is still some desire to stick to credible candidates, if just barely.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK press!)

Imagine you wanted to complain to the brand new press regulation body about an article in a tabloid newspaper such as – say – the Daily Mail.

You’d need to send your complaint to the new chair of the Editors’ Code of Practice at the newly set up Independent Press Standards Organisation.

So let’s just check who that might be.

Oh yes, here we are.

That would be a certain Paul Dacre.

Who also happens to be the editor of the Daily Mail.

In other words – you’d be making your complaint to the editor of the same newspaper you’re complaining about.

These people must think we’re thick.


The press complaints committee also includes Geordie Greig, the editor of the Mail on Sunday:

dacre chairman


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