Tory MP calls anyone earning less than £150,000 “dog-end” voters

Now you see the real contempt the Tories have for anyone who isn’t filthy rich. And it has always been thus. Despite their best efforts to pretend ‘we’re all in it together’, they let the mask slip and the social snobbery rise to the surface. Way back in one of the elections right at the beginning of the 20th century, one of the Tories managed to torpedo his electoral chances with a similar comment. A true blue-blooded toff himself, he declared that aristocracy was always and everywhere the true foundation of civilisation. He then wondered why all the plebs immediately transferred their votes to his Liberal rival. Not that today’s Lib Dems are in any position to profit from Garnier’s sneer, as their leader, Clegg, is another aristo and they are just as illiberal, snobbish and exploitative as the Tories.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Let’s hope – for Tory MP Mark Garnier’s sake – that his constituency of Wyre Forest has a LOT of voters earning more than £150,000.

Because Garnier has just been caught out referring to anyone earning less than that as  “dog-end” voters living in “the outlying regions of the country”:

Mark Garnier comments on ‘dog-end’ voters

I’m no electoral strategist but can’t help feeling it might be a little bit of a risky strategy for the Tories to be basing their re-election campaign on writing off and insulting 98% of the British electorate.


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