Labour pledges to stem the tide of women’s refuge closures

This is horrific in and of itself, but at the heart of it is a cavalier, deeply misogynistic attitude amongst the Tories and UKIP. Several UKIP politicians have gone on record to say that it is all right to give women ‘a bit of a slap’, or words to that effect. In the European parliament, UKIP MEPs have either abstained from voting for measures outlawing violence against women, such as banning rape within marriage, or have actively voted against it.

I remember when domestic violence against women – wife beating – first became a major issue in the 1970s. There were horrific reports about it on the 6 O’clock news and documentary programmes like Panorama and Nationwide. The latter was a light news/ topical issues programme pretty much like The One Show. Major figures in UKIP in particular have said many times that they believe women should return to their domestic role in the home, a sentiment also loudly shared by the Daily Mail. The Right would clearly like to turn the clock back on women’s issues before the 1970s. This article shows you what that means in practice, in contrast to the supposedly ‘pro-family’ arguments of UKIP and the Tories.

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By Yvette Cooper.

Theresa May and the Home Office are turning a blind eye to the crisis in safe haven provision caused public service cuts

‘Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, I am deeply worried that the clock is being turned back.’ 

 A few weeks ago an emergency housing officer made a late night call to the domestic violence helpline run by Women’s Aid and Refuge. He was trying to find refuge accommodation for Violet (names in this piece have been changed), a 19-year-old who had escaped abuse with her twin babies. She had nowhere else to turn.

There was refuge space for Violet and her children in a neighbouring county, far from her abuser, where she would be safe. However, a new rule capped the number of women they could take from outside their area. The bed was left empty and…

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