A Daily Mail journalist is trolling my friends

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK press!)

UK tabloid journalists are (mostly) a bunch of scum.

You only need to know about the Milly Dowler case and all the other recent cases involving them to know that.

And freelance journalist Sonia Poulton – who writes mainly for the Daily Mail and the Daily Express – is no exception.

Poulton and her partner Lee Ryan, along with a handful of her colleagues, have been threatening me with libel and even threats of violence since I wrote these blogposts nearly two years ago:

Daily Mail hack boasts about being able to ‘trace’ personal phone numbers of Twitter users

Mail hack threatens to sue me for asking how she traced Twitter users’ personal information

This is what you get when you dare to question a tabloid journalist in the UK

These threats have mostly been just water off a duck’s back to me.

But recently…

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