Young, gifted and black? Join the Equality and Human Rights Commission and be conned over your pay

Baroness Onora O’Neill isn’t the only official ostensibly concerned with promoting equality, only to capitulate and become complicit in acting against it when it suits them. Previous issues of Private Eye this year covered the way the Law Society claimed that it was actively campaigning for female equality in Britain. The same Society was, however, quite content to see women discriminated against and treated as second class citizens in a series of seminars it ran on drawing up ‘shariah compliant’ wills. This seemed to follow the extremely conservative, strict interpretation of shariah held by Saudi Arabia, rather than more liberal interpretations that may be in use elsewhere. The interpretation favoured by the Law Society demanded that women be left less than men, and non-believers should not inherit anything. This makes you wonder how serious organisations like the Law Society, or the Equality and Human Rights Commission were about enforcing and promoting equality.

Westminster Confidential

Baroness Onora O'Neill: the chair of the ECHR Pic credit: Flickr Baroness Onora O’Neill: the chair of the ECHR
Pic credit: Flickr

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is supposed to be the champion of the rights of ethnic minorities, the disabled and women against discrimination. It should be in favour of equal pay.

As a previous blog revealed its reputation is rather shaky when it comes to defending equality between men and women in the Middle East. Baroness Onora O’Neill, its part time chair, talks the big talk in the UK when  it comes defending women’s equal rights to men only to believe in her other position as a trustee of the  American University of Sharjah that women are second class citizens compared to men who are not allowed to meet privately with them as equals. I wonder whether she is allowed to be alone with a man when she is in Sharjah.

Now it turns out that her officials are quite…

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