DPAC Ask What Happened to £86 million Raised for Children in Need

DPAC, Disabled People Against Cuts, have made strong criticisms about the portrayal of disabled children in the BBC fundraising telethon, Children in Need, in their blog entry for last Friday, 14th November. It’s entitled P*ss on Pity and the BBC’s Missing £86 Million. It’s strong stuff, as they object very strongly to what they see as the ‘demonisation’ of disabled children as particularly vulnerable and in need of charity. They call the whole programme the ‘Pudsey Makes Me Puke’.

I disagree with their view, as I do feel that the programme does a good job of raising money for charities aiding children with a range of difficulties, which include, but are not solely confined to disability, across the UK. And demonization is not the best word to describe their portrayal, as the term actually means trying to depict a person or group as evil. Which is simply not the case.

They do, however, raise a very good question when they state that £86 million from previous events has not been spent, and wonder what has happened to it. They ask whether it is simply languishing in a BBC bank account, earning money for the corporation, rather than being spent on those for whom it was raised.

The article can be read at http://dpac.uk.net/2014/11/pudsey-friday/.

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