WWI Serbian Prime Minister Vs. Nigel Farage

Okay, I’ve just blogged on Nigel Farage’s comments on Remembrance Day that he would have not have signed the Armistice. Instead he would have continued the War for until Germany was absolutely defeated, even if this cost a further 100,000 lives. This would, he believed, have stopped the rise of the Nazis.

It’s nonsense, as I’ve already explained. It does, however, lead me to compare him to one of the politicians, who was directly involved in the conflict. One of my friends at school was a war gamer, with the usual school boy fascination with the World Wars. He told me that on the day the First World War broke out, the Serbian prime minister went on holiday, so that he could not be held responsible for the bloody debacle that followed.

Which begs the question: who had the better understanding of the horrors of the First World War?

Farage, who to my knowledge has never fought in a war, but has said he would have been prepared to see a 100,000 more people die for a victory that was not strictly necessary?

Or the Prime Minister of a country, which had already fought a series of nationalist wars in disputes with its neighbours, but who clearly had absolutely no illusions about the terrible mass death that would follow. An understanding so terrible that it forced him to recoil from his responsibility as a minister of government.

Answers, as they say, on a postcard please.

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