Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Selling Poppies for World Peace

Muslim Poppy Sellers

The Huffington Post has this story, Poppy Selling Campaign By Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Branches Nationwide , reporting that the Ahmadiya Muslim Youth Association are to begin selling poppies across Britain on Monday. The article quotes Farooq Aftab, a spokesman for the Association, as saying,

“Irrespective of whether you are Muslim or Christian there’s always going to be a few who don’t understand and try to undermine what you are doing. Thankfully most people do understand and are supportive,” he said.

Countering claims that the poppy glorifies conflict, Mr Aftab said the symbol promoted community feeling. ” The poppy is not about war; it’s about solidarity and showing loyalty to one’s country and standing together for a worthy cause. It’s about communities standing together as one.

“Lots of Muslims actually served in World War I and World War II and lots have ancestors who served in the army. We therefore hope that our participation is a clear indication of our desire for peace and unity between all nations, peoples and religions.”

The story can be read at http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/10/29/young-muslims-poppy-selling-rembrance-_n_2038318.html.

The Ahmadiyya are quite a strange sect. They have frequently been persecuted in some Muslim countries, such as Pakistan, as they are considered to be extremely heretical. Nevertheless, I wish them every success in promoting peace and understanding between nations and communities, and welcome their support of Britain’s War dead and their reminder that the British army including many Muslims.

I found the image and the story through the anti-UKIP Facebook page, We’re Still Laughing at the UKIP. They’re at https://www.facebook.com/SLATUKIPThree. Just in case you needed reminding how nasty, absurd and farcical Farage and his party still are.

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5 Responses to “Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Selling Poppies for World Peace”

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  2. truthaholics Says:

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    From the blind leading the blind to Wag the dog!
    How else can we explain the poppy hijab which Muslim women are encouraged to wear? Supposedly to commemorate the Muslim dead of the war, it is hardly surprising that many Muslim women refuse to wear one, and feel that their ancestors, as colonial subjects, often had little choice whether to fight. bit.ly/1syta41

    While the poppy is marketed as a unifying national campaign, there is no doubting its militaristic and nationalistic connections. You don’t have to know that the sponsors of the Poppy Rocks concert, organised by British Legion young professionals, are Lockheed Martin, the major arms company, to know that the military are at the heart of the campaign.

    The emphasis on British losses, as opposed to losses on all sides, which the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London highlight, serves to mark not the total loss and suffering of the war, but a one sided view of it.

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