Grass Up Your Neighbours Say The DWP With Another Boring Benefit Fraud Campaign

Another excellent piece from Mr Void. It’s noticeable that, under both Blair and the Tories, as the government cosied up to multi-millionaires and the super-rich, so adverts appeared on TV and hoarding encouraging people to spy on their neighbours in case they were benefit fraudsters. The specious rationale for this was that these people were thieves taking money from the public, money that could be better spent elsewhere. And all this at the same time the government was privatising and deregulating industry, and granting massive tax cuts to the rich. As the Void says in this article, it’s not about saving money, it’s about making claimants’ lives as poor and miserable as possible. It’s an attempt to turn Britain into the kind of surveillance society like Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union, in which citizens were encouraged to spy on their neighbours for possible treasonous, ‘anti-state’ or ‘anti-Soviet’ activities. The logical extension of this was the recommendation by one extremely asinine Lib Dem peer that the benefit claimants should have the details of their income published as public record. It’s simply another way of turning the unemployed into despised helots, enslaved by the state.

the void

dwp-benefit-fraudWith the amount of money lost to fraud and error in the benefit system reaching record highs under this Government, the DWP has issued a call for people to grass up their nieghbours if they suspect them of low level benefit fraud, or even going on holiday.

The latest boringly predictable campaign is not aimed at high level organised fraud, such as people setting up fake identities to claim benefits.  Neither is it aimed at landlords picking up Housing Benefit cheques long after tenants have departed, or exploitative employers paying cash to cut down on their National Insurance bill – or even dodge the minimum wage.  It is not just a fraction of a parcentage of claimants who benefit from working cash in hand, but often the latte slurping middle classes who are quite happy to look the other way if it gets them a cheap builder.

Instead this…

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    […] beastrabban:Another excellent piece from Mr Void.  […]

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