Number of Sick And Disabled Claimants Facing Sanctions Triples In Just Six Months

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sanction-sabsThe number of sick or disabled people who have had there benefit sanctioned for not taking part in ‘work related activity’ has almost tripled compared to just six months ago the latest figures show.

7.507 claimants on Employment Support Allowance (ESA), had their benefits sanctioned in March 2014, up from 4,698 the previous month and 2,369 In Sepetember 2013.  This has taken the total number of ESA claims sanctioned to over 100,000 since the regime was disgracefully introduced by Labour.

These clamaints are in the Work Related Acivity Group (WRAG) of ESA, meaning they have been judged unable to work at present but may possibly be well enough for employment in the future.  They include people with serious and life-threatening conditions including cancer.  Astonishingly this group are still sent on the Work Programme, where they may face compulsory ‘back to work’ training or even workfare.  Should they fail to attend…

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3 Responses to “Number of Sick And Disabled Claimants Facing Sanctions Triples In Just Six Months”


    Not within all these statistics are people like me who tried to get disability benefits for two years, unsuccessfully.

    Never applied for Jobseekers as knew could not comply with requirements as too chronically ill.

    If the benefit had been gained, the benefit would have been taxed as well as my tiny works pension, even though together way below the basic tax allowance.

    People 60 and over are not listed in unemployment figures.

    Coming by the Pension Bill’s most recent amendment in 2014 are women – housewife, divorcee and/or widow
    and the poorest workers –
    with nil state pension – food money – for life in old age.

    All this cruel benefit sanction regime is the reason UK starvation has risen 70 per cent since 2010, in the only European nation that does not provide council run free cafes every day of the week, to feed the working poor, poor pensioners and unemployed.

    The Greens offer a solution to this leaving people to starve by their 2015 manifesto pledge:

    – universal non-means tested Citizen Income, non-withdrawable, in or out of work.

    If Labour took on the below manifesto pledge as well for 2015 general election:

    – give full state pension to women at 60 in 2015 (back-dated to beginning of loss in 2013) with 30 years National Insurance credits.
    – equalise state pension at 60 for men in 2015

    Then Labour would win big in 2015 with a landslide victory and able to form a majority government, even gaining 41 extra seats, bringing down the Scottish Labour MPs to England or Wales, once Scotland is forever free from the Tories by ithe Scots voting yes majority independence referendum on 18 September.


  2. joanna may Says:

    hi beast are you still blogging and how is your book coming on?

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’m still blogging, Joanna, and the book’s coming along fine. I’ve been doing a bit of research for it, chasing up a few books. And I hope to start putting stuff up on my blog here very soon!

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