Israel left reeling after Cameron almost criticises it

Pride's Purge


Israeli officials were left reeling today after UK prime minister David Cameron very nearly pledged to almost criticise them.

In a dramatic turnaround, Mr Cameron shocked political pundits after he blasted the Israeli Army for massacring civilians in Gaza by not quite saying something not very nice about it.

And in a devastating speech which he was very nearly on the point of giving today, Cameron bordered on almost telling Israeli premier Benjamin Natanjahu to stop his naughty behaviour at once or face being told to shake hands and make up with the Palestinians.

Mr Cameron also blasted the Israelis by getting pretty close to claiming there were “reasonable grounds” to believe that innocent civilians in Gaza – including children – had been targeted as a form of collective punishment,  which he almost pointed out was not very nice and was even actually rather quite naughty if you think about it.

It’s not nice,” Cameron almost said.

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3 Responses to “Israel left reeling after Cameron almost criticises it”

  1. jomayajomaya Says:

    beat I cant get onto vox it is shutting me out I tried to register only it says I already have!! this is depressing me more and my paranoid mind is telling me that mike is fed-up of my useless comments. I didn’t mean anything bad!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Hi Joanna! I think it’s probably just some problem with the new site, rather than Mike actually banning you. He would have told you if you were banned, and given you warnings. It doesn’t sound like he’s done this, and so I don’t think this is due to Mike trying to block you.

  2. jomayajomaya Says:

    ps it is joanna

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