Vox Political’s new home

Mike here announces Vox Political’s new home, over at voxpoliticalonline.com. This should allow Mike to make a few bucks running adverts, while doing his usual level, scurrilous best to destroy the government and Tory party. All the best, Mike, and I look forward to seeing you at your new site.

Mike Sivier's blog


Vox Political is changing.

The site has been transferred to a commercial host, enabling Yr Obdt Srvt to monetise it – that means we can host adverts and hopefully make a few quid from doing this.

With the blog currently averaging around 200,000 hits per month, and the possible revenue outweighing the amount YOS receives in Carers Allowance by a considerable amount, it seemed silly not to give it a go.

Visitors to the new site at voxpoliticalonline.com will notice that the adverts are intended to compliment the content, rather than clash with it. The idea is to provide commercial options that coincide with the reader’s interests.

However: This is dependent on the actions of the reader. If you click on an ad, that interest is registered and the programs that serve up ads to the site go looking for similar items. This is how they work to keep everything…

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4 Responses to “Vox Political’s new home”

  1. joanna may Says:

    Has your site and vox ceased to be? I don’t seem to be getting any more emails and I miss them, it is my only way of knowing what is going on!! please let me know what is happening?

  2. beastrabban Says:

    Hi Joanna – they haven’t ceased to be. Mike’s over at his new home, which is now a commercial site. I don’t know why you’re not getting any new messages from him. If I remember correctly, he’s now at Voxpoliticalonline, and definitely should be posting.

    As for myself, I’ve simply got distracted over the past few weeks doing some other things. I haven’t stopped blogging, just taken a short break. And normal service will definitely be resumed as soon as possible.

  3. joanna may Says:

    Could you possibly ask him please about it, I have been able to help people because of the information he provides, I also give the name of both sites so people can see for themselves, or to get the right information, if I get it wrong. I really do miss the emails, they brightened up my life!!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Okay, Joanna I’ll pass it on. If he hasn’t been posting the past couple of days, it’s probably because he’s been busy with a few things at home. The last time I spoke to him at the weekend he was also furious at the way the BBC and the other television channels were very definitely not reporting the countrywide demonstrations against the TTIP – the international agreement designed to leave us all prostrate before the might of the multinationals. He was also mightily unimpressed with a radio programme, again by the BBC, which claimed to be looking at the number of people who’ve died because of the government’s welfare reforms. In fact, I gather it did no such thing and was a complete whitewash of government policy. The last I heard, he was intending to write to the Beeb to complain about it. Possibly those two issues may also have been taking up some of his time.

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