The Sun: preparing its readership for NHS privatisation | Left Foot Forward

The Sun once again betrays the people of this country but pushing for the privatisation of the NHS. This has been a constant policy of Murdoch, as pointed out in the book, ‘Murdoch’s Politics’. And according to the Private Eye, the Digger also wants to move into education and schools provision. The idea of the journos from Murdoch’s flagship organ having anything to teach anybody about literacy, numeracy, science, art and the humanities – indeed, about anything truly civilised at all – is a sick joke. And so is Murdoch’s demands that the health service should be further opened up to private welfare providers. International figures show that the NHS is actually one of the most efficient, cost-effective health services in the world. Far less money is spent on bureaucracy than in the American, private healthcare system. Furthermore, the American health care system has become increasingly unaffordable through massive increases in the cost of insurance. Given that the government’s welfare reforms are driven by Unum and other insurance companies involved in this scam, this is what will happen here as well if Cameron, Osbo, Clegg and the other parasites have their way. Private enterprise in health care will also lower, not raise, the results for the successful care and treatment of patients. Which is what we’ve known all along. In short: Murdoch will make us all sick, like he always has done.


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