Sign The Petition For An Inquiry Into The Benefit Sanctions That Killed David Clapson

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MAIN--David-ClapsonThe family of David Clapson – the former soldier who recently died after his benefits were stopped as punishment for missing a meeting at the Jobcentre – have launched a petition calling for an inquiry into benefit sanctions.

In his sister’s own words:

“My brother, David Clapson, a diabetic ex-soldier, died starving and destitute because he was penalised by the Job Centre for missing a meeting.

“David had his £71.70 weekly allowance stopped meaning that he couldn’t afford food or electricity. He was penniless, starving and alone. His electricity card was out of credit meaning the fridge where he should have kept his diabetes insulin chilled was not working. Three weeks after his benefits were stopped he died from diabetic ­ketoacidosis – caused by not taking his insulin. 

“David wasn’t a “scrounger”. He had worked for 29 years; 5 years in the Army – including two years in Northern Ireland…

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One Response to “Sign The Petition For An Inquiry Into The Benefit Sanctions That Killed David Clapson”

  1. Jon Says:

    What good will it do by asking the savages who turned the benefit system into a modern day gas chamber for the sick and disabled to explain themselves, you might as well piss in the wind for all the good this petition will do. The government is killing around 1000 people every week with benefit sanctions. The only thing they care about is themselves and how much expenses and second homes they can claim. Their attitude is “fuck you jack, i’m alright”. We are now living in an age where even if you work for a living, you can’t make ends meet on poverty wages. What fucking chance have you got with no money to live on, that is what this government and past governments is reducing people to, living on fresh air. And if they don’t kill you with low and no pay, they make sure the NHS won’t help you either by cutting their budgets as well. Meanwhile they can pay companies like Atos billions for wrongly assessing claimants who are to ill to work. Ah fuck it, why mess about like this, order the army to shoot the unemployed, sick and disabled to save them suffering a slow lingering death. Cameron, Milliband and Clegg are grim reapers, I wish them the same slow and agonising death they are inflicting on those who are to weak to defend themselves. May the fuckers burn in hell for all eternity.

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