Cameron’s crackdown on immigrant benefits is just another grubby con

Mike here suggests that Cameron’s announcement that he is going to crackdown on migrant workers coming to Britain to claim benefits is just another attempt to distract the nation from their plans to privatise the health service even further. Benefits tourism has been shown to be a myth, and the reforms promised to Cameron will only affect a minority of migrants. Who arguably shouldn’t be targeted for being deprived of unemployment benefit at all. It really does seem to be Cameron playing on the knee-jerk nationalism and xenophobia to distract from his continuing plans to sell off the health service.

Mike Sivier's blog

[Picture: I Am Incorrigible blog - - which agrees that benefit tourism is a non issue and distraction from the UK's real problems.] [Picture: I Am Incorrigible blog – – which agrees that benefit tourism is a non issue and distraction from the UK’s real problems.] The UK is to cut the amount of time EU migrants without realistic job prospects can claim benefits from six to three months, according to David Cameron – who seems desperate to take attention away from Andy Burnham’s speech today on the Coalition’s unwanted privatisation of the National Health Service.

According to the BBC, Cameron said the “magnetic pull” of UK benefits needed addressing to attract people for the right reasons.

But the announcement seems to be deliberately confusing.

It seems this restriction will only apply to people born abroad who have had a job in this country and then lost it. They are the only migrant group currently allowed to claim JSA for six months before the benefit is cut off “unless they…

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