RIP David Clapson, Another Man ‘Helped’ To Death By Iain Duncan Smith

Johnny Void here describes once again the devastation inflicted on the lives of those, who have been abused as children, as exemplified by Funghi in Benefits Street. Remarking on the Mirror’s coverage of the death of former soldier David Clapson, another victim of RTU’s welfare to work policies, he urges everyone to sign the petition against further sanctions on 38 Degrees at the link below. While it’s excellent that such a petition exists, I don’t think it will make a blind bit of difference to psychopaths and mass killers now in government. But it could be useful if changing the attitudes of a few more members of the general public and firms that might otherwise think of supporting Osbo’s and RTU’s wretched campaigns. So, sign it before Osbo tries to have it banned as ‘unacceptable intolerance’. As for IDS, one commenter to my blog stated that when he was in the army, … Smith’s fellow officers and men called him ‘T*sser’. Mr Clapson was a former and soldier. His death shows you why they did.

the void

RIP David Clapson, the latest tragic victim of callous welfare reforms. RIP David Clapson, the latest tragic victim of callous welfare reforms.

When Funghi, the unemployed alcoholic  featured in the recent Benefits Street television series, disclosed that he had been abused as a child, most of those condemning him on twitter did not even blink.  Such is the state-whipped up contempt amongst some towards people on benefits, that not even the revelation of a tragic childhood was enough to stop the bullying mob.

Yet one of the reasons child abuse is such an abhorrent crime is that the scars often last a lifetime.  Everybody knows this.  Addiction, depression, low self-esteem, isolation, these are just some of the ways that a life can be blighted by mistreatment as a child.  Often people like this find it hard to just get a job, and often not through want of trying.  The sad truth is that employers are not rushing out to hire people…

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One Response to “RIP David Clapson, Another Man ‘Helped’ To Death By Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Now do you see why despair of Life? At least I can say I didn’t succumb to, Alcohol, drugs, gambling prostitution or having babies! or even any kind of meaningful relationship ever!!!!

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