Tory Party declares war on British servicemen and women

Tom Pride shows the shabby way the Tories treat the men and women, who are literally putting their lives on the line for their country. Traditionally the military was the backbone of Tory Britain, along with the police force. This seems to have gone long ago. Private Eye in their ‘Thatcha: The Real Maggie Memoirs’ ran a spoof war comic strip. This was in the style of the war comics that emerged in the 1970s, though it was much darker than the usual content of Battle, Warlord and the D.C. Thompson comics. It showed a Falklands veteran shooting up innocent members of the public in a spree killing after being made unemployed from the army following government cuts. The cuts were real, and the armed forces were cut again under John Major. Benefits and support for traumatised and wounded squaddies was also withdrawn, so that there were reports of ex-servicemen forced to live on the streets. It also shows the extreme class attitudes of the Tory party. They like military parades and sending the army in, such as Hague’s attempt to invade Libya during the Arab Spring, but they have absolute contempt for the ordinary soldier. I think they really do see them as cannon fodder. Cameron and Osborne need to be very careful. In China, the campaign against human rights abuses by the Communist party is led by the veterans’ association, as much of the new, capitalist China was physically built using the squaddies as the labour force. Squaddies, who were laid off afterwards with minimal, if any, pensions, invalidity benefits or unemployment relief. And now they’re angry.

Pride's Purge

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