Do YOU feel as prosperous as you were before the crisis?

Mike here attacks the Tories claim that we have just come out of the recession. He shows that the small economic gains have all gone to the massively rich, who started the crisis, while the poor are actually £1,600 poorer. He also criticises the assumption that this period of growth will actually last, because it’s built on Osborne’s housing bubble. Long term obstacles to growth also include the decimation of Britain’s industrial base by Thatcher and the Tories, and praises Ed Balls plans to strengthen manufacturing. And finally there’s the important observation that all the criticisms of the proposals by the Labour party to correct these failed Tory policies are attacked in turn by people, who have swallowed Lynton Crosby’s propaganda that they party’s are all the same.

Mike Sivier's blog

[Image: David Symonds for The Guardian, in February this year.] [Image: David Symonds for The Guardian, in February this year.] Britain has returned to prosperity, with the economy finally nudging beyond its pre-crisis peak, according to official figures.

Well, that’s a relief, isn’t it? Next time you’re in the supermarket looking for bargains or mark-downs because you can’t afford the kind of groceries you had in 2008, you can at least console yourself that we’re all doing better than we were back then.

The hundreds of thousands of poor souls who have to scrape by on handouts from food banks will, no doubt, be bolstered by the knowledge that Britain is back on its feet.

And the relatives of those who did not survive Iain Duncan Smith’s brutal purge of benefit claimants can be comforted by the thought that they did not die in vain.


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