UKIP in freefall as Labour takes council seat from Farage

Strong evidence that UKIP are not the party ready to sweep all before them that the press seem to think they are. And also positive proof that spouting racist and anti-gay prejudiced nonsense will lose you votes, not gain them.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

A council seat on Redditch Borough Council – which UKIP won by a landslide only in May – has fallen in a by-election to Labour:

redditch 1

Compare this with the results from the same ward just over 2 months ago*:

redditch 2

That’s a swing of +11.7% to Labour and -10.5% from UKIP.

Looks like UKIP support is in freefall.

And – contrary to popular belief – it’s Labour not the Tories who are picking up the voters.


*The reason for the by-election was the resignation of the newly-elected UKIP councillor Dave Small after he made racist and homophobic remarks on Facebook. Proof that being openly intolerant and prejudiced is not the vote-winner most of the right-wing press seem to think it is?

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