Paxman’s replacement on Newsnight was one of the architects of the Poll Tax

Evan Davies, now set to take over from Paxo, stands revealed as highly ideological, staunch Tory, which as one of the commenters points out, makes you wonder if there is anyone on the BBC’s news team who isn’t one. There’s also another factor acting against Davies. Will his job as Paxo’s replacement make the people he’s interviewing fear that they’re about to lose an investment deal with Bannatyne, Paphitis et al? Actually, considering the way all the parties are trying to get funding through sponsorship by private industry, that’s a real possibility.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

The BBC has just announced that Evan Davis is to replace Jeremy Paxman as the main presenter of Newsnight.

His role will be to objectively interview politicians on both the left and the right about their policies.

Which might sometimes be a bit tricky for Evan.

Considering he was one of the main architects of Thatcher’s hated Poll Tax, regularly breaks strikes and once wrote a book called ‘Public Spending‘ in which he recommended the privatisation of all public services.


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