The debt ladies: “We felt called by God” (to Catford)

Ann here profiles two sisters, Susie and Carole Bradshaw, who run a debt advice centre from a local church in Catford. These ladies see their work as a vocation, to which they have been called by the Almighty, and tell their reasons for moving from the Peak District to Catford. They give their perspective on the differences in attitudes to debt in the north and London, the problems in the reform of the benefits system, the reasons and types of people, who get into debt. They are particularly concerned about the way young people may get caught up because of their lack of knowledge of money matters. They also run a simple course to provide people with the knowledge to manage their money better. These two ladies are the face of some of the people in the front line of trying to sort out the debt and deprivation brought about by the government’s savage cuts and pernicious economic policies. By this account, the people of Catford are blessed indeed to have them. But it’s an indictment of the government that they should be needed in the first place.

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