DWP tries again to stop release of Universal Credit reports

This is really just par for the course for the DWP, which seems to block FOI requests as a simple matter of course because they show how malign and incompetent IDS and his schemes are. The release of these four reports is being blocked as, if released, they’d show that the DWP was well aware of the flaws and severe problems Universal Credit was experiencing, and show that their boss, IDS, was lying to parliament when he declared that everything was all fine and dandy. It also demonstrates that the government’s policy, when faced with legal rulings against them, is to throw good money after bad and keep on appealing in order to keep the report suppressed, no matter what the expense to the public. This just shows how vain IDS is.


By Tony Collins

The Department for Work and Pensions has requested another legal hearing in its attempt to stop four ageing reports on the Universal Credit programme being published.

The DWP’s formal application to the Upper Tribunal (below) shows that Whitehall officials and work and pensions  ministers, Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud,  are prepared to sink more public money into fighting a judge’s ruling in March 2014 that the DWP publish the four reports

It appears the DWP does not want the reports published on a point of principle: the department does not publish any reports on any of its major IT-based change programmes.

Another reason officials and ministers have for keeping the reports confidential is that they would establish what officials knew of Universal Credit programme’s serious problems in 2012 when departmental press releases were saying the scheme was on time and within budget.

The reports could show…

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