This government has been a disaster for disabled people – by Kate Green

While this sounds good, it’s just simply about reforming a system that is fundamentally wrong. Instead of the improvements being proposed here, the whole work assessment programme should be scrapped. However, that might be difficult for the Labour party, which introduced Atos and the assessments under Blair, and who still seem to believe, from this evidence, that including it makes good economic sense and appeals to the middle classes Blair was so desperate to court.

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By Kate Green, shadow minister for disabled people, first
This weekend, members of my party will be meeting to shape the policy programme that Labour will take into government.
At the heart of those discussions will be a determination to deliver the vision of One Nation Britain that Ed Miliband has committed us to. Nowhere will that commitment matter more than in relation to our policies for the equality, inclusion and participation of disabled people.

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One Response to “This government has been a disaster for disabled people – by Kate Green”

  1. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    if one thinks its going to be better under labour ones got to think ed b and the like blairites leftovers from tb they seem to follow the tory line if only ed would open his eyes more but sadly it might get a little better but atos crapita salus and all those private companies will still be there taking our tax monies and sadly our lifes jeff3

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