The myth of the ‘Inherited Mess’

The Skwawkbox presents the graphs and statistics showing that the national debt did not increase much under Labour, and when it did, it was carefully controlled. The massive increase in the national debt has instead been created by the government’s austerity programme, and the global financial crisis, which was far beyond Labour’s control. In short, he shows that the Tories’ insistence that they are clearing up Labour’s mess is a lie, and a lie repeated often enough, becomes the truth.


It happened again, in Prime Minister’s Questions, today. It was bound to, really. Rebuked by the excellent Speaker of the House, John Bercow, for using insulting, unparliamentary language toward Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, David Cameron fell back, like an involuntary reflex, on a mantra I can guarantee you will hear in at least 99% of Tory (and most LibDem) interviews on TV or radio, in the press or online.

Withdrawing his comment as instructed, Cameron said:

“I will replace it with ‘the man who left us this enormous deficit and this financial crisis’.”

And, of course, cue much Tory guffawing and catcalling of the type that only a £25k a year private education can teach.

This (mostly) Tory tactic has been in place since before they were elected, and has continued, unbroken and to the point of nausea, to the present. Listen to any interview, any ‘debate’ on Newsnight or…

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