“Snoopers Charter” bill debate

A detailed critique of the invasion of freedom by the Date Retention Act, as laid out by Glynis in an email to her MP, Jennifer Willott. There’s also another criticism of the act by Elfyn Llwyd of Plaid Cymru. One of the most significant features of the way the bill was introduced was the fact that two technical documents discussing the impact of the bill were released without any kind of major announcement, buried on the government’s website on Saturday morning, so that most of the opponents of the bill would be simply unaware of them. The bill represents a serious infringement of our civil liberties, and Glynis shows that there is a real danger of function creep, with the Act used by the government to acquire new powers, and extend its application into greater areas of citizens’ private lives.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

The reading for the above bill; referred to as a snoopers charter, took place today.

I had e mailed my MP Jenny Willott (Lib Dem) but she was a teller for the Ayes so whether that means she couldn’t vote/speak, I don’t know, she certainly didn’t say anything anyway!

This is the e mail I sent her yesterday;

Dear Jennifer Willott,

Re:- Data Retention Investigatory Powers Bill

I am contacting you to express my deep concerns regarding the above

Thursday’s announcement by David Cameron and Nick Clegg that the
coalition was going to expedite emergency surveillance legislation is
something that should concern all of us. The speed with which the Data
Retention and Investigatory Powers bill (‘DRIP’) is being brought into
play, the lack of consultation and the breadth of its powers should
matter to everyone. There is a reason that legislation usually requires
time and careful consideration –…

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