Newly Unemployed To Be Forced To Wait FIVE Weeks For Benefits Under Universal Credit

This is the introduction to the full article on the Welfare News Service, reporting the TUC’s new campaign against the expanded five week waiting period. Apart from the fact that most Brits oppose it four to one, the article reports that opposition to it ranges across the political spectrum. People are worried about unemployment and the consequent inability to pay their bills. And, like the legislation giving the government the power to demand the date, time and destination of your phone calls, this has been sneaked in without anyone being told. The TUC is quite right in organising a campaign against it, to which there is a further link in the full version of the article.

Benefit tales

Most people who lose their jobs will soon have to wait five weeks before they get any cash help,

according to small print in the Universal Credit rules uncovered by the TUC as it launches a new campaign today (Wednesday), Saving Our Safety Net.

A YouGov poll reports opposition of almost four to one (pdf) to the five-week wait.

Currently most newly unemployed people have to wait two weeks they get their first benefit payment. But under new Universal Credit rules people will not be eligible for any help for a week and must then wait a further month for their benefits to be paid in arrears. This means that, other than the few who receive emergency help, any new claimants will have to wait at least five weeks for any cash.

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