Beggars To Be Grassed Up To DWP On New Scheme, Can The Salvation Army Sink Any Lower?

This presumably follows the deal between the homelessness charities and the government, which sees them get more funding and the homeless get sanctioned if they do not take reasonable steps to get into accommodation. It also probably follows from local or national legislation, which sees beggars as a nuisance. I think there’s already legislation prohibiting aggressive begging. Bristol, and I think, a number of other cities have also tried to discourage their citizens from giving to beggars on the grounds that it’s actually bad for their health, as they will just go and spend the money on alcohol or drugs.
It does, however, go against the attitude of the Sally Ann’s founder. Booth started out as a Methodist, but started shocking his respectable congregation by bringing beggars and the homeless, including alcoholics, to church. This is about the opposite. This is designed to sweep the streets of beggars and the homeless so that the respectable aren’t disturbed their sight, and people can then be taken in by Tory claims that poverty is actually decreasing, thanks to their finely thought out and intelligent policies. It’s a way of disguising reality, rather than facing up to it and challenging its root causes.

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The entire homelessness industry has questions to answer about how they are treating those they claim to support, but none has sunk so low as Jesus’ little fucking helpers in the Salvation Army.

A local paper in York reports that the Salvation Army are now teaming up with the police in a scheme which will could see homeless people grassed up  to the DWP if they are caught begging.

According to the paper, Salvation Army members, along with the police and local council busy-bodies will be patrolling the streets of York hunting for beggars.  The charity claim they will provide housing advice whilst the police will be ‘reminding people’ that begging is against the law, no doubt by arresting them.  Not to be outdone, representatives from York Council say they will inform the DWP if people found begging are receiving any benefits.  Which means their benefits will be stopped. …

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2 Responses to “Beggars To Be Grassed Up To DWP On New Scheme, Can The Salvation Army Sink Any Lower?”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I am not kidding not that I ever was, but I am slowly losing the will to live!!!! I am hoping that I can hang on in there until June next year after the election. I am at the point, where if someone does something kind for me, I burst into tears!! I hate it!!

  2. Florence Says:

    This is the outcome of the charities moving into state “partnership”. It seems that as they become more lucrative “businesses” they are run by what Janet Street-porter famously called the 4 M’s – middle aged, middle class, mediocre, male. The establishment / middle managers in other words.

    And in answer to the question, it may seem impossible for the Sally Army to sink any lower, but there is still time before the next election for us to find out. Booth will be spinning in his grave. This must be one of the worst types of corruption seen (this week?) in the true meaning of the word, a corruption of moral values, and religious ideals. (Is nothing sacred? No! It’s all for sale in Corporatist UK plc.)

    The question is now, is the Salvation Army now a Christian church organisation, or an arm(y) of the Tory party?

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