The LM Network and Operation Yewtree (or Won’t Someone Think of the Abusers?)

The Cat here analyses and critiques the activities of the Frank Furedi and the rest of the LM Network in trying to combat public concern over paedophiles. This is important, as Furedi and his comrades are part of the Libertarian Right, who manage to get themselves onto panel shows, speak at literary festivals and broadcast their brand of Right libertarianism on TV, radio and the press. One of them, Clare Fox, or Foster, is a regular on Radio 4’s Moral Maze. The Cat here describes how they are resolutely opposed to operation Yewtree and any investigation of the actions over decades of the horrific abuse of children. This is the Libertarian Right attacking the prosecution of some of the worst criminals in our society, on the grounds that its part of a media scare.

Guy Debord's Cat

Since the government’s announcement last week that there was to be an over-arching inquiry into child sex abuse at the highest levels of British politics, it was only inevitable that the LM Network would be out in force to cry foul and muddy the waters a little. In the last few days, Frank Furedi and Claire Fox have been conducting a tour of national television and radio studios to offer their rather suspect take on the matter. Within the space of hours, Furedi and Fox have both attempted to claim that the latest call for inquiry will lead to a “fear of adults” and that parents will be too afraid to let their children play outdoors for fear of being kidnapped and/or molested. This is not the issue and they know it. The majority of the abused children did not come from stable homes, nor were they kidnapped while playing…

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