This is what I think!

Glynis Millward explains why the public sector workers striking tomorrow aren’t doing it for the fun, or greed, but to stop their pay cuts from going any further. And ultimately it is for the benefit of their health – one of the statistics quoted is that stress levels amongst local government workers has gone up by over 80 per cent. They are also striking because these cuts will mean that the public services will suffer.
So in reply to Cameron, Your government should settle with the workers and pay them a fair wage. No ifs. No buts. And while you’re at it, cut your salary – we, the public, don’t believe you are providing value for money.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

  1. Tomorrow’s public sector strikes are wrong. Labour should be clear and condemn them: no ifs, no buts.

  2. NOT WRONG Only weapon we have after YOU decimated the workforce,pensions, pay privatised HMRC post &closed enquiry centres

    A background to the reasons for strike action by public sector workers ….

    Tomorrow, public sector workers across the country take strike action.Find out more about actions and rallies in your area here.

    In this Touchstone post, Matt Dykes gives the pay and pensions cuts numbers behind the strike action:

    This week’s strike by public sector workers is a manifestation of the anger and frustration they feel about the sustained attack on pay and pensions that has played havoc with their living standards and seems to have no end in sight.Ministers revealed this…

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  1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady Says:

    Thanks for reposting Beast and putting the facts so succinctly

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