IDS reacts “furiously” to anything that criticises him.

Nick @ Ilegal comments on the increasing outbursts of popeyed rage from IDS, the minister for wrecking the welfare state and driving the desperate to suicide. After Raquel Rolnik, the UN rapporteur, who dared to criticise his reforms for the growth of poverty in this country, RTU has been reduced to ranting and name calling, describing her as a ‘Brazil Nut’. This, of course, comes from the man one commenter to my blog told me was affectionately nicknamed ‘Tosser’ by his fellow officers and men in the army. IDS is clearly under pressure from the DWP enquiry, and it’s beginning to show.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

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Is he losing the plot?

To be honest I’m starting to have grave concerns over the Secretary of State for Work & Pension’s state of health.

In a recent Daily Mail article to which we will not link, Iain Duncan Smith has had yet another angry turn.  It comes as yet another damning report over his ill fated welfare reforms lands on his desk.  It’s becoming a bizarre and quite worrying behavioural trait for Smith to lash out in angry outbursts as he springs to the defence of his fast failing reforms.  

On this occasion, a 22 page report by United Nations poverty ‘ambassadors’ has led an attack on the Coalition’s welfare reforms.   Smith has apparently reacted furiously to the ‘absurd and unwarranted intervention’ and retorted in his usual self protective style by saying the report was ‘riddled with faulty logic’.   He rambles on to…

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One Response to “IDS reacts “furiously” to anything that criticises him.”

  1. Joanna Says:

    He should be treat exactly like Elisabeth Bathory, He should be locked up in a room with No windows and fed whenever anyone felt like it!!!!

    She killed about 600, he killed thousands!!
    I hope no-one is ever feeling sorry for him!!!!!!

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