The great Pat Mills gives his perspective on the way the establishment will try to spin, suppress and distort the truth about the massive abuse of children by politicians and well-connected celebrities. Kendall’s grim picture, of a skeletal and cadaverous Black Rod with brutalised young boy sums up the whole horrific situation. It’s shocking, but this is exactly what’s been going on, and many of the abused children have had their lives blighted to such an extent that they have committed suicide. And the details were all out on the Net, or in the alternative press, long before the MSM picked up on this. Mills states that it now has zero credibility in this. He’s right, but watch them carry on as they did before, unshakeable in their arrogant assumption that they have nothing to answer for, and should still enjoy public confidence as the respected source for news.

Pat Mills

PARLIAMENTARY RAPE CLUBBrilliant image by Dave Kendall.

Particularly powerful and valuable because there’s such a wide range of ways of suppressing the truth:

Reputation management agencies. Super-injunctions. D notices. Damage limitation exercises by mainstream media. Complete suppression of the truth by MSM. Only reveal the truth when they’re dead. Decoys and scapegoats. Find vulnerable or flawed witnesses to reveal truth and then discredit them. Discredit investigators, official or otherwise. Enquiries that go nowhere or are damage limitation exercises or reveal the truth so much later it attracts less public interest.

They have a whole armoury of such techniques and doubtless many more. The information about Savile and others was widely available on the web long before it was ‘revealed’ in the MSM; which means all the MSM have zero credibility in this . It will be instructive to see what techniques are used this time to handle the crisis.

The only…

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