Meet the man Leon Brittan handed the lost VIP paedophile dossier to

This is pretty much the kind of material that Lobster is built on. Back in the 1980s it also ran a piece on the Kincora Boys’ home, a residential home for troubled youngsters in Ulster, whose youngsters were being abused by the leading figures in the six counties. As for MI5 being a rubbish spy organisation, there is very strong evidence for that as well. Lobster reported that up until Thatcher, who made a point of reading their reports, MI5’s and MI6’s reports were considered so poor and untrustworthy that by and large British prime ministers didn’t read them. As for Leon Brittan, a search through Google shows that he also has been subject to the accusations that he is a paedophile.

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

In 1983, when he was Home Secretary, Leon Brittan was handed a dossier by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens which included details of a VIP paedophile ring.

The file of course – we now know – then mysteriously went missing after Brittan said he “handed it to his officials” at the Home Office.

So who would those officials be?

Well, Brittan has already confirmed that the official who was with him at the meeting when he was handed the dossier was his PPS (Parliamentary Private Secretary).

And who was Brittan’s PPS at the time of the meeting?

Sir Brian Cubbon.

Sir Brian – although a former high ranking civil servant – has close links to MI5 and MI6.

In this document from 1999, Sir Brian is listed as a director of an MI6 front company called Hakluyt & Company.

And Sir Brian is also the official who was responsible for

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