Don’t tell MI5 – but Russians are bankrolling the Tory Party

I am not remotely surprised at this – Private Eye has pretty much said the same thing. And you can see why immensely rich Russian oligarchs would be keen to fund the Tory party: they’re used to living in a corrupt, authoritarian state, where the rich have always enjoyed lives of vast wealth and privilege and the poor treated as serfs. As well as a political system where you are technically free to vote for whomever you want, so long as its the man in charge. And like the Tories, Putin’s own party also behave like a bunch of Nazis when it comes to screaming about patriotism. There is one difference with Britain, however. In Russia, Putin’s thugs beat and murder genuinely investigative journalists. In Britain, with a few very honourable exceptions, the Right-wing press and the broadcast media have stopped investigating and exposing the government’s lies and corruption voluntarily. As for MI5, a long time ago when Barry Took hosted the News Quiz, he quipped that KGB called MI5 ‘our London office’.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

A governing UK political party being bankrolled by Russian oligarchs isn’t something the British electorate – or MI5 – would be all that keen on I’d imagine.

So I’m not surprised the Tories have been trying desperately to hide the identities of the people who attended their fundraising dinner last year.

That’s because – after Brits – Russians were the most representative nationality at the fundraising event.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the list of ultra-rich Russians and eastern Europeans who attended the party fundraiser included:

Alexander Temerko (Russia)

Tatanya Korsakova (Russia)

Andrei Borodin (Russia)

Vasily Shestakov (Russia)

Alexander Kuznetsov (Russia)

Alex Nekrassov (Russia)

Andrei Kliamko (Belarus)

Darko Horvat (Slovenia)

Obviously, it’s always possible that all those dodgy Russians and their mates who are handing over their millions to one of our governing parties won’t be expecting anything in return for their beneficence.

Fingers crossed.

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